The same properties offered by bio-polymers to animal health can be successfully applied to the protection of human health, in particular in the fields of modulation of the gut flora and the protection of the integrity of the intestinal barrier. 

A growing number of consumers are seeking proactive health solutions to avoid negative pharmaceutical interventions for an increasing rate of chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. The changing behavior among an aging population, which is not falling for restorative promises as it once did, will have profound implications for both pharmaceutical and food companies alike. Healthcare in North America and Europe is shifting its emphasis from intervention to prevention.

Eight in ten taking action to manage such as weight, cholesterol, immunity etc. to reduce susceptibility to illness. Opportunities for marketers of dietary supplements have never been greater. Around the globe, self-medication is on the rise as prevention becomes the dominant health lifestyle.

A number of preventive and curative health benefits achievable through transformation have been identified. The available markets are large, global, and growing.