Lignin is the second most abundant carbon source after cellulose and remains a resource with great potential for sustainable applications in a variety of fields.  

Tanovis AG is a Swiss holding company which is exploiting this potential. Tanovis has a proprietary production process to produce high purity lignins. These special lignins and derivatives of it are used in three global markets that face different challenges:

Animal health and nutrition: Strong reduction in the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry

Replacement petrochemical products: Reduction of CO2 by replacement of various petrochemical substances such as phenol in PF resin or polyol in PU foams

Human health and nutrition: Strengthen the immune system, precisely defined areas of application as a food supplement

The potential of Tanovis products and applications in the above-mentioned markets are very high and Tanovis already has products and first customers in the animal health and nutrition market, as well as in the field of petrochemicals replacement (green chemistry).

Tanovis has just closed a funding round.  In case you are an interested investor, please contact us through our contact page.