Tanovis AG, a Swiss Holding Company is supplying local and international markets with process technologies and innovative products based on annual plants and other lignocellulosic biomass. Through its operating subsidiaries in Europe and Asia, Tanovis is dedicated to providing its customers with novel products suiting their quality requirements and allowing them to achieve sound economic returns. 

Within the last few years Tanovis has accomplished significant milestones, such as: 

Establishing GMP/ISO 9001/FAMIQS and GMP+ compliant operations to produce its high-purity renewable products. Commercial introduction of products in a range of markets, encompassing industrial as well as health and nutrition related.

Developing of a growing and loyal customer base in Asia and Europe.

The Tanovis Group continues working hand in hand with the best agricultural academic and research institutions to further develop solutions based on renewable materials.  


Tanovis is committed to conduct its business in a responsible, ethical and sound way. Our approach is to invent sustainable solutions which will improve the impact on the environment and enhance social outcomes. 

We work hard to boost innovation and to provide novel concepts to make our business and the effects of our products on the markets sustainable.



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